My first books are part of the Silvering Years series of erotic romances involving Sylvan and Marv, people in their sixties, who explore a second chance at love. They meet on a cruise in Eastern Caribbean, she visits him in Minneapolis then he visits her in Santa Fe.

My purpose in writing Silvering Years is to tell a story that is demonstrative and affirmative about sensuality at sixty. Sylvan is a capable woman who sustains her strength in sexual and emotional contexts. Marv is a gentleman, caring and skilled, a true romantic.

Silvering Years is crafted as an explicitly erotic, contemporary romance, told from parallel perspectives in standalone books: Sylvan’s Story and Marv’s Story. Each has a distinct voice to reveal private reflection and personal revelation while weaving a narrative from the dialogue, settings and action that they share. You can read one, or both. You can read the story of your gender or find out how the other half thinks

Eastern Caribbean: Sylvan’s Story

Sylvan’s on a cruise to celebrate her sensual re-awakening after two years mourning the death of her husband. Three days out, she’s finally overcome her trepidation to be up on the nude deck—early, for a private idyll in the morning sun.

Eastern Caribbean: Marv’s Story

Marv is on a cruise to be pampered—and have some lady fun. Once toppled by illness and divorce, his mission is to get as much fun out of life as he can before the equipment stops working. Three days out, he’s up early, waiting for the pool bar to open, lamenting how this cruise thing was fast becoming a dumb idea.