Eastern Caribbean: Marv’s Story

Marv is on a cruise to be pampered—and have some lady fun. Once toppled by illness and divorce, his mission is to get as much fun out of life as he can before the equipment stops working. Three days out, he’s up early, waiting for the pool bar to open, lamenting how this cruise thing was fast becoming a dumb idea.

Holy shit. A bogey lights up his screen: mature, skimpy bikini, high heels. Heading onto the nude deck.


Grab mimosas, get naked and check this out. Marv barely survives the shock of what he finds: the most daring woman he has ever encountered. And she doesn’t tell him to get lost!

Marv can hardly keep up with Sylvan’t desire for adventure as he struggles with his demons of self-doubt. He had given up on love. How does he deserve a second chance? This could work, but he could lose it all in a moment of panic.

– – –

Part veiled memoir, part luscious fantasy, part provocative example, Eastern Caribbean: Marv’s Story is intended for mature readers who are unafraid to be immersed in the wonders of their sensuality.

Find author’s notes and discussion guide at smjonaro.com.

Eastern Caribbean: Marv’s Story is second in the Silvering Years series.

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