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I write stories about lovers celebrating sensually in their silvering years. Part veiled memoir, part luscious fantasy, part provocative example, my stories are erotic and explicit as an affirmation for all of us who will not let age hinder our desire to be immersed in the wonders of our sexuality. These stories are about men and women but sensuality is found everywhere on the rainbow that makes us human. Pleasure knows no gender. Passion knows nothing of anatomy.

While you need to be old enough, you don’t need to be old to enjoy my stories. I’m writing what I wish I could have read thirty years ago!

Which reminds me, gentle Reader… as you move on to other pages, you will encounter images to complement the stories. If you are offended by displays or descriptions of sensuality, turn back now, this is not for you.

But should you choose to explore, stop by the books page to learn about my projects as well as find the author’s notes and discussion guide for each book. Information about me and what I’m thinking is in the blog.

The fabulous artwork on this site and in the books is by Eric Wallis. Please visit him at EricWallis.com

Sonja Mhyla Jonaro