About: briefly


I am sixty-five and for more than forty years I have lived in the southwestern part of Minneapolis, near to Minnehaha Creek flowing on its way to the Mississippi. I am very fortunate to be here and have set the third and fourth books of the Silvering Years series here to give you a taste of the place.

My home includes my lifemate of more than thirty-eight years and my European Golden, Willem. My two daughters are off creating their own homes and families.

Writing has been a passion for many years but until recently it has not been a practical means to make a living, given that I could do other things and receive a real income.

Now, however, things are changing. I am reaching the end of my present career path and want to continue on a new path. Reinvention is the key to longevity and happiness. I desire both. I will be a writer; maybe an author, in my new life.