Eastern Caribbean: Sylvan’s Story

This love story is…
More emotional than erotica,
More sensual than romance…
About people in their sixties!

After two years mourning the death of her husband, Sylvan’s recreating her life. She’s rebuilt her career, reconnected with friends. Now, she’s on a cruise to nurture the power of her sensuality. For herself. Three days out, she’s finally overcome her trepidation to be on the nude deck, early, for a private idyll in the Caribbean sun.

Lost in a haze of self-pleasure, Sylvan barely survives the shock when Marv, wearing nothing but a grin, shows up with a cool mimosa. This wasn’t supposed to happen! But she’s curious: What kind of man dares a first encounter on the nude deck?

It’s too late to hide her sexy… and he can’t hide his interest.

With Marv as an intimate accomplice, Sylvan explores the boundaries of her fantasies. But the ghost of her past love threatens to destroy her pleasures.

Could this be a second chance? Tempted to feel more than lust, Sylvan struggles with the fear that she’ll destroy the new life she’s worked so hard to create. Happy ever after might be in reach if life doesn’t get in the way.

— — —

Part veiled memoir, part luscious fantasy, part provocative example, the books of Silvering Years are intended for mature readers unafraid to be immersed in the wonders of their sensuality.

Eastern Caribbean opens the Silvering Years series. This is her story. Marv’s Story tells the tale from his perspective. Read her story, or his, or both! They’re standalone. In the next set of books (nearly ready), Sylvan visits Marv at his home in Minneapolis. In the third set (the ink isn’t dry) we’ll find Marv visiting Sylvan at her home in Santa Fe. After that? Who knows where they’ll end up… happily ever after…

The book is published by ad lectorem publishers on AmazoniBook and B&N.

Please click for author’s notes and discussion guide.

Eastern Caribbean: Sylvan’s Story is first in the Silvering Years series.

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