Eastern Caribbean: Sylvan’s Story

Sylvan’s on a cruise to celebrate her sensual re-awakening after two years mourning the death of her husband. Three days out, she’s finally overcome her trepidation to be up on the nude deck—early, for a private idyll in the morning sun.

Marv’s up early too, waiting for the pool bar to open after a jog around the track. He’s a recovering workaholic. Once toppled by illness and divorce, he’s rebuilding his life around a new set of priorities, taking time to be pampered.

Lost in a haze of personal delight, Sylvan barely survives the shock of discovering him standing there wearing nothing but a grin, a mimosa for her in his hand.

With Marv as an intimate accomplice, Sylvan finds herself drawn to realize the adventures of her fantasies, but memories of her past love threaten to destroy her pleasures as she struggles to resolve feelings that imperil the new life she has worked so hard to create.

– – –

Part veiled memoir, part luscious fantasy, part provocative example, Eastern Caribbean: Sylvan’s Story is an erotic romance set in the silvering years, intended for mature readers who are unafraid to be immersed in the wonders of their sensuality.

The book is self-published on AmazoniBookB&N, and Kobo.

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Eastern Caribbean: Sylvan’s Story is first in the Silvering Years series.

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