Eastern Caribbean: Sylvan’s Story
Author’s notes

These notes won’t make sense until after you’ve read the story…

Kegels were one of the most important things Sylvan discovered in her quest to re-invigorate her life. In addition to compensating for a natural loss of tone in her vagina after menopause, they helped to prevent the dribbles and also gave her something interesting to do while waiting in traffic for the light to change.

Sylvan’s favorite toy, the Pink Thing, is a Soroya made by Lelo. Her other toy, the Blue Thing, is Zenith from Extase, no longer available, but much like the B’Swish Classic Plus. Pleasure balls are Lelo’s Luna Beads. The identity and provenance of the Red Thing and the Rainbow Thing have, unfortunately, been lost.

The lube is from Sliquid, their Organics line. Sylvan uses the Oceanics for most purposes and Natural Gel for vaginal sessions that require extra stamina and for anal intercourse.

The toys and lube came from SheVibe.com. I’ve been shopping there for many years. Take time to research the toys and products that may be best for you.

If you click on the links above, I will earn a small commission from SheVibe and I thank you for that.

Sylvan’s toy bag is a spare toiletries case, but she’s looking forward to having Marv build her one that slips under the bed that they will share.

Sylvan’s first thongs were the Hanky Panky #4811 (she read about them in the Wall Street Journal). She’s expanded her collection quite a bit. She still can’t believe that it’s possible to spend $100 on a few square inches of sleek seduction.

Sylvan’s goddess book was 227 Ways to Unleash the Sex Goddess in Every Woman by Olivia St. Claire. Published in 1996, it’s a compendium of ways to reach in and touch one’s sensual treasures.

The trimmer kit includes three items, the Bikini Trimmer by Panasonic, the CleanCut rotary trimmer and a travel-size bottle of baby powder. The bikini trimmer is for anything longer than 1/8 inch and wild hairs that get missed. The rotary trimmer needs baby powder to get things nice and smooth. Her kit goes into a small velvet bag that was lying in the drawer. Trimming the soft places with a blade left her with ingrown hairs, and waxing seemed so… dramatic, so she researched the best way to make body maintenance simple and this was it.

The orchid drop earrings are by Frank Gehry for Tiffany, the double version in sterling silver. These are, sadly, no longer available. The provenance of the platinum palm trees has been lost, but they were purchased during a previous cruise.

Sylvan wears less makeup that she used to and nowadays it’s as much for skin protection and nourishment as it is for aesthetics. Products today are much better at providing both aspects of use. She likes to keep up with SusanAfter60 for information and insight on makeup and style.

The cruise is a composite. I wish it was real, it might be, but not that I could find in a single package. It seems a truly ‘nude’ deck depends on having a ‘topless’ deck and a liberal captain. There are many reports of this. There are also nude cruises where all decks are nude decks. Any cruise is a wonderful experience, but adults-only cruises really are more relaxing.

The next book in the series is Eastern Caribbean: Marv’s Story, with his perspective on the cruise. We’ll visit with the living dress and meet the Marquis de Marv (don’t laugh; it was the best he could do on short notice).

After that we’ll follow Sylvan to see how Marv lives in Minneapolis for books three and four. Plans are in place for Marv to head down to Santa Fe for the third setting in books five and six. After that, who knows? Maybe Rome or Kaua’i. The fun will never end.

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