The story behind Silvering Years

Silvering Years began as a personal journal kept during an exhilarating period of my life while exploring the path into maturity (read: as I neared sixty). It was my objective to discover the way to live life to its fullest, especially in a sensual context and I studied what that meant, sharing my discoveries with my lifemate. It was great fun and now, several years on, the course of my life is much different than what it might have been, including that I am embarked on another career as a writer.

The story is part veiled autobiography, part luscious fantasy, part provocative example, written to be an affirmation for those who will not let age hinder their desire to be immersed in the wonders of their sensuality. There is the story that the reader experiences, what the characters do, what they say, where they do it; the view from the outside, if you will. Lots of fantasy from that perspective. There is also the view from the inside, their motivation, the nature of the activities they choose, how they deal with the vagaries of age. Here is where the autobiography part comes in. Taken together, my hope is that it becomes an example of how two people can celebrate their love.

Most surprisingly, I have discovered that this story is unique. There are simply no other books out there with characters in their sixties engaged in an erotic story. Is there no market? With all the talk about the boomer boom and their desire for sexy living, wouldn’t authors and publishers be struggling to meet demand? I’m working on the answer to that.